Friday, June 26, 2009

God Is Not An Individual

I had a very joyful, the latter parts of the day, today. I feel like a great lesson has been learned; The ability to maintain peace and inner happiness. Or in other words, to be inspired - in Spirit. And what this does is that it cancels the negative guilt in your unconscious and builds a memory of love, where once was hatred.

All I say is this:
"You are not a body, you are free, for God is not an individual."
"You" can be turned around, in case you feel hatred towards your self, to "I", and the "you" should be applied to other people.
Once I applied this, reaching the "for God is not an individual" I visualize total white bright, undivide, clear light. As then I reach the "individual" I join with Jesus, or Yshu'a, and give all of it to him.
This way your peace of mind is guaranteed for you in this moment and you can be sure that you are choosing Light.

p.s Word: Undivide - Unable to separate.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Universe of Heaven, the Kingdom of God, the ultimate Experience.

We know we haven’t talked in a while but all is well within eternity I guarantee. So how well you been doing? No more stress at work? No more unhappy lingering illusions? Well you see my dear old friend, practicing the Course is really good for you in the long run, isn’t it?

“Well I must say that when you are at peace, it feels mightily fine! And I intend keeping it that way, until further notice. You see I still hold to some parts of the dream more then others, and I don’t really see what is the meaning of “there is no order of difficulty in miracles” in the Course. Would you explain more about that.”

Well what is a miracle for instance. It is the affirmation of your perfection, and the recognition of God as your one prime Source and Self; your one and only Identity.
Then there is no difficulty in remembering your true Self, because your Self is One. What is one is not difficult. And what is simple does not change. It is.
So how is your dating lesson so far?

“Well I don’t know, I tried to make some sheat up but that is not really working for me {make a story line, and believe in it}.”

Congratulations master Yoda you have become a student once again, but with an interesting twist. You are not the teacher, but Y’shua [Jesus] is. Let him guide and direct your mind from now on and set you free from your limitations of yourself. And he will make sure you grow within the hour. Time is but one instant. That is “when” you learn. And when the ego is undone, then we can have peace in the Universe of Heaven, the Kingdom of God, the ultimate Experience.
What we came to say is. You are doing mightily fine, keep up the good work and be yourself. That is a good lesson, not to suppress emotions and let them be judged for you by your teacher. Y’shua is very kind to his students I want you to know that, my friend. And pretty soon you will start noticing his flowering around you. That is the result of an honest students work. Enjoy have fun and let us know when you are ready to return to hell again for one more round. The termination of your contract [belief] with your ugly boss [ego]. You are ready. Now just rest and let the time pass by until you are prepared enough for final battle with the beast.
Peace and blessing from us All. We are with you at all times, it is Us you hear at all. There is no Voice but God’s and that is What you are…

By alexy blit and his Teacher

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ken Wapnick Teaches

Hello friend, how are things in this world? I see you have been practicing advanced forgiveness. I want to share something with you and your readers, who are yourselves. This dream has ended long ago, you but experience what has gone by. But you may well ask "why am I still here then, if this has ended?" Well the answer is simple; because you do not want to come back to God. You want to remain separate individual alone and different. That is why the universe still seems real to you, the dreamer. We have talked about it many times that you are the dreamer and not the body have we? And you will experience yourself more and more as non individual, therefore not a body. Bodies need false identities to seemingly exist. But Truth needs not limitation to be Itself, which is What you are in truth. The seeming separation cannot continue without your support of it. Which means, as Ken Wapnick teaches, without your belief in it [ego], it will case to be. Without your belief in the ego your reality as spirit will unfold before your "eyes" and you will remember what it is you truly are as one with all Creation.
This moment is given you by God Himself. Do you appreciate this changeless instant in which time disappears, and the Light of His creation may return to occupy your awareness? The answer is not. Your mind is untrained, sufficiently, to continue to dwell within non-duality. That is why your training is so so crucial at this point. Without it the end would be like stepping into a freezing pool of water after a warm day. Train your mind and discipline your thinking pattern according to the truth. "Truth is true"(T.14.II.3.2) As the Course teaches, and it also says "You cannot make untruth true"(T.3.II.6.2). SO my friend the time has come, the light is here. Do you choose to remember it instead of all your miscreated thoughts about yourself? I know you better then you think I know. I know every little thing about you, even as an individual, you resemble God [meant as a compliment]. You are kinder and more loving then you ever where, you are starting to remember your true humility and the strength in it [I do not know]. And all that it takes is just "a little willingness" and you have plenty of willingness my friend, haven't you?
"Yes I do. I feel very strong and determined to succeed no matter what. This is my only purpose, this is the only reason why I am here, to awaken and accept the Atonement.
I lay all weakness aside and step into my holy relationship with Him who is my Teacher. And I let Him lead me all the way to God.
That is what I feel!"
Great now practice it all the time, and be well. All is "awesome" in eternity Where you belong.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Talk With Future Self

We have discussed many things during our time but some need to be repeated now. Again no one lives only by his own body. Everyone lives by Spirit. And you are Spirit. Spirit cannot change or be changed it is eternal and infinite. It is everything that is not this world. We came to discuss this matter with you now, why are you here on earth as individual. The statement itself is not worthy to be considered, I know you have been wondering about it for a few years but believe me it is not the right approach to such intent of purpose. Look instead inside your Self where nothing changes - you disappear. Where the no-thing-ness of All is where I am Christ. Why do you ask such a question then? When you can direct it thus; What am I without the body? That is a far, far more useful and helpful approach as we said before. Now let me assure you again, all is within purpose as so is your writing. Be not concerned with what others may think, be only concerned with what you think. Do you like what come to you? "Yes it seem to be in accord with nonduality, but as you know the last thing I want is to misdirect or deceive". We know and that is fine, but there is no one out there to deceive except yourself. Are you afraid of truth? "No I like being non individual. Its great, the best experience I can remember" So what is it that you seek then in still furthering your studies when all you need is this;
You are not a body, you are free for God is not an individual.
Remember this and you will be well ahead. In Heaven, where every one is trying to "get", they merely let go of their false identity and remember themselves as everything. They remember that nothing is lacking and that all is well within themselves and All that is. God is not what you think He is, He is beyond your human understanding. You cannot understand God with symbols but you can attempt to reach God trough true prayer as discussed in this blog previously [Check the: Meditation, Prayer: True Prayer September 29, 2008] This prayer will help you dissolve your ego, which doesn’t really exist, but which you [consciousness, or decision maker as Ken Wappnick teaches] need to let go gradually. You see the belief in separation is maintained only because you want it thus. And you need to learn you do not want it [ego].
How can we be of service to you today? Any questions of concerns that we might address?
"Yes, about forgiveness. True forgiveness is disappearing as individual and accepting the changeless awareness as my self?"
That is correct. But another thing to consider is that you are not really forgiving anything, the only thing that is really occurring is that you are changing your unconscious mind with a disciplined attitude that all things are equal with you and that you cannot attack, as you read today. If you cannot attack, because there is nothing that is not you, then what are you afraid of? If you have everything and you are everything, then why deceive yourself and let illusions take the place of truth? Very simply because you choose to. You made a choice that "cost", and we are using this word lightly, Heaven. Heaven is always there for you to return to. But as you have come to experience on earth, it not a pretty good experience compared to the nondualstic nature of your Being as God’s, isn't it?
"nope, it sucks and I don't feel very comfortable here. I know it is not my home and that this world is not natural for sure, it is somewhere deep inside, sometimes I forget but it is there."
Yes precisely, you forget because you want to forget. You, or consciousness as you discovered yourself to be, is wanting something other then the perfect oneness of God, and that is just a mistake. There is nothing worthy for you in hell, as you found out did you?
"Actually not. And my answer comes from the simple dicernment; How long did it last, what ever the experience was, and is it with me now, forever, something I cannot lose. Hehehe that was the my first real realization; that I want to find something that I can never lose. Because I saw everything in this world I surely will with time."
We smile with honor you, for you are a great master, still pretending to be small and insignificant. But guess what, not for long I assure you. Your experience will grow in strength and you and Jesus, or as you prefer, Y'shua will become of one mind soon. He will take over all your unconscious mind and he, as you said will, "walk the earth through you".
You are pretty good forgiver my brother be proud of your accomplishment and do not, and I say again strongly do not doubt your purpose. Doubt is the bringer of loss and the destruction of peace, if there is such a thing. So learn to detect it and replace it with love, the nondualitic acceptance of your Holy Spirit. Tell me why did you write that section from the Disappearance Of The Universe, that said: "His is the Voice for God, and has therefore taken form. This form is not His reality, which God alone knows along with Christ, His real Son, Who is part of Him." [ACIM.C.6.1.4] It's because you are that manifestation of the Holy Spirit in form and you know it. There is no doubt in you about that, but the part of you that doubts this is not your Self. So would you let illusion tell you what you are? Or would you let me remind you, who is yourself in the future? Hehehh, it's funny brother, remember the day you said, I want to have a teacher - myself from the future. Guess what here I am. That is why it feel so close, it is you, but you do not recognize it as yet. Say what?
"What if this is another ego trick to deceive me and pretend it is something it is not?"
Well that is a fair question. Just for a test run. How many people said they see greatness in you? "11"
Are these people you can trust with their opinions like Tomas Vieira and Nouk Sanchez among the others?
"Yes I can"
Well, they read your poetry and they loved it, didn't they?
"Yes, they did".
And how about the ascended master Katie Davis who achieved her mastery in form this life, did she like your writing and poems? I mean her alone is enough to convince you you’ve got something don't it?
"Well when you bring up all these witnesses it's hard to doubt my purpose. I guess that is what the ego was up to, to doubt my ability and have me turn away from what I do best - shoot. Hehhehe, so they will call me the shooter in the future I guess?"
You guess wrong, you are not the shooter, but he, Y'shua, who will shoot trough you, is. A shooter is everyone who permits the Holy Spirit to direct his mind, and remove the obstacles to peace in his own mind and seemingly others. Is that it for tonight?
"Yes thank you for reminding me and helping me remember".
That is what I do. Peace brother, the Memory of God is at hand.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who’s Time Has Come

Who’s Time Has Come

The darker secrets of the deep have been revealed
No more will he deceive himself by prisoning his brothers
He knows he is one mind whose dreaming
But now he learned to show himself of his own misery by recognizing lie as undesirable

He knows he cannot fail now, he is close, the goal is near and firm in his awareness
He sees his whole way out of dreaming by listening to Christ, his own internal Teacher

Now he makes one final step which leads him back to God Where he belongs and knows his own and perfect Self – as God created him

And now no more time or despirality, for you rest in God
Your peace Maker is your eternal nowness without time
No more description nor conceptualization, for I have come to Rest in Him

[Note] Despirality: The attempt to prove your individual existence as part of God

Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Are We Here?

What is our purpose? Who are we truly? It's the same question, just different form. What you want to do today, is let Me guide you to your peace. Which is internal condition. He who has come to dwell in Me has recognized himself as Christ. And who are you without your real Identity, but an illusion of your Self? What can I help you today, when you do not believe I live in you? What doubt can you bestow upon illusion when you doubt my Reality in you? "None" Then recognize that you do not exist and doubt what ever tells you are! Doubt was the beginning of change, and forgiveness is it's end. What you want to accomplish in this life time, is real advancement in your ability to really trust. When you really trust 100% then are you free to choose again. When you choose Christ as your Strength then you are not an individual but Spirit indeed. Spirit lacks nothing. It is everything. You have been told the same message over and over again. But still you keep on not listening to what I say. The timelessness is all you want. All else is but illusion of yourself. You ,made a dream in which you think you are a body. But really you are not. You keep on living here as individual when you have no where to be but Love. It seem complicated and unreal this journey to the Truth, because you still want what you don't really have. You cannot believe you change forever, and that is your way out. What is the changeless is wholly real and kept by your side at all times. You just need to learn to see its there at all times like right now. Have you come into the place of grievances and pain that you seek the Joy of God? Have you let go of all that is not true as yet? If not then seek you not the Light, but seek the darkness and be the one who is not it. The quickest way to know your Self, is trough discipline thought, which says; " I am one with all I see". You have come great distance, and yet the road leads no where but your Self. All endings will be remembered not in God, Who is the Endless.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prayer: Back To The Mind

I come to You, Father with one intent; to awake and choose again for your benevolence and grace. I have forgotten Who I am, but I wish now to remember what I choose to deny. I have been wrong about my self, and therefore I do seek the power of my mind to choose again. May Your Light guide me to this holy place, and may your Strength abide in these dark and trifling times. I need Your Strength. I cannot trust my own weakness any more for I have failed myself indeed. Let Your Will be done, reminding me It is my own. Amen in Jesus’ name.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Is The End Of Time

Who has come to the Father has disappeared as individual and remembered his Self as God created Him. God is not an individual but a presence in your mind. He is the You that you forgot. But He is the You that you wish to remember. Once you have remembered God and His eternal Rule over your mind, you have been saved. "Salvation is nothing more than "right-mindedness", which is not the One-mindedness of the Holy Spirit, but which must be achieved before One-mindedness is restored."(T.4.II.10.1) He is in your right mind, right now. But you need help in remembering His Rule. We have come to do exactly that trough this vessel. The vessel itself is nothing more then just a device. And with time and practice, the mind will begin to perceive itself as the dreamer of the dream and not the dream - the body and the world. This then is the "right mindedness" of which the Course addresses according to our interpretation. This right mindedness is the way to "One mindedness" which will take you to the "Heart of God". "On this side of the bridge to timelessness you understand nothing. But as you step lightly across it, upheld by timelessness, you are directed straight to the Heart of God. At its centre, and only there, you are safe forever, because you are complete forever. There is no veil the Love of God in us together cannot lift"(T.16.IV.13.6-9). We came to show you and all your selves a way out of this experience of separation, which you currently see very real. With time and practice you will begin to see the essence within you as the Love of God, manifest trough form. And then when you are totally at peace, no more will you identify yourself ("right mindedness" - dreamer) as the body or the individual that you are not at all. Peace will be given you the instant that guilt hold no value in your mind. That is some time to come, but patience and persistence will get you all the way. Patience with yourself and others. Persistence with forgiveness, and all that you have learned will lead you out of fear and into your mind. Once you are the dreamer, realized to make the dream only then are you in changer of what it is you truly want; to continue dreaming, or return into your God - your Source. All things will be undone - are given into non-duality eventually. That is the reason your universe is disappearing. Jesus begun a process that will inevitably will be completed by all of us, in the dream. And there are those who walk the earth, and other places still, that you will see as blessed (ascended masters). When the world is ready, they will come to dwell more often and direct your race to its source, the mind, the dreamer. He who has transcended all illusion needs no time. And he who has become one with his Self, is he or she, who no longer is somewhere, but everywhere. With this in mind we take our leave, and bless you with the peace of God. Be well, for in eternity you lack not one thing.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

There is a way in which you view the world as gone and past. Past as the one behind you and what is in front of you is peace. Peace is a state that requires no change. And if you are at peace you identify as the changeless awareness of all. Now let me ask you a question directly to your ego self belief. What is it that you cherish in the world that you made? And what is there that you made in it ever gave you everlasting fulfilment and peace? You see the belief in individuality happens on its own as a desire for something other then God. And as long as you desire for non Godly experience you are bound to be stuck in this dream. This dream exist only because you wish this. And when you wish it no more, you begin to recognize the senselessness of the whole thing in its core, namely your belief in it. If the dream exists only because we believe it so, then the dream will not exist if we no longer believe in it too. Its very simple logic. If you want something you must first recognize what it is you want, and what it is required of you to achieve it. If you no longer wish to experience individuality then I bid you come to Jesus and surrender your whole self to his guidance, that he may teach you what you truly want. When he guides your every step you cannot be wrong, because he is leading you trough your right mind. When you have relinquished the desire to control your experiences only then you can be controlled by him. And in this relinquishment is your remembrance of Home - your one and only Truth, your God.
We love you all and may the Love of God descend on you and keep you in His peace. Amen

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Do We All Want?

What do we all want? What do we all seek, but cannot find? What is it that you want more then Truth? These are basic questions that need your attention right now. How else could you follow a spiritual path unless you really follow what it says? Most of you at this time are ignorant of what is really happening to you, but that will change as well, as your intention is of greatest good. Which means that you surrender your desire for an experience that does not belong in God, or in you for that matter. You see the dream takes many forms as the Course says "Though the dream itself takes many forms, and seems to show a great variety of places and events wherein its "hero" finds itself, the dream has but one purpose, taught in many ways. This single lesson does it try to teach again, and still again, and yet once more; that it is cause and not effect."(T.27.VIII.3:3). So my brother and my sister I salute you for your efforts in discovering your real source of problem and therefore inevitably eliminating your desire for this wish of individuality.
You see "the dream itself takes many forms", but what does not change is the intention to hurt and kill God, therefore hurt and kill your true Self. I did not come to preach or teach, that is not my function. I came to show you another way of seeing what the Course is all about. If you really want to understand what has been meant in the great spiritual document; A Course In Miracles. You need be ready "question every value that you hold"( Now is your time of questioning illusions with Jesus as your teacher and guide. He will show you all that you need in your "Quest to forgive yourself" [which is going to come out as a book in the near future].
"You need do nothing" is a very helpful reminder in this world of doing. Re-read the section of "I need do nothing" in the Course and remember that you are not a body as you go along the path to Freedom. I cannot but emphasize that you do not exist as separate individual apart from God. You are one Self united with your Creator (W.PI.95.11:2) therefore you need do nothing. Tell yourself "I need do nothing" for the next two week every day as you would do a workbook lesson. Tell yourself "I need do nothing" when you pray and meditate today and for the next two weeks, and I guarantee you will see greatness in your presence as your pure and holy Self.
This Self need nothing because It has everything, and is everything. Peace unto the dreamer from the mind that is Awake.